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With so many opportunities under one roof, you'll be sure to find a career path that inspires you. You'll have fun getting to know the customers and their pets so you and the team can create a personalized shopping experience.

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As the Associate Lead, you'll help to lead a team who are as passionate about pets as we are. You'll lead a team of retail and pet care associates who will ensure a safe, clean, and fun homme a tout faire cherche emploi for our pets and pet parents.

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From ensuring our associates have extensive knowledge of pet solutions to building connections with pet parents, our leaders ensure a safe and fun environment in our stores. It's the excitement you feel when you help a little one pick out his very first fish. And not just any goldfish, but that one, right there, no not that one, this one, yea!

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It's the relief Rosie feels when you help her mom select the best food for her upset tummy and her delight when it turns out to be chicken flavored!! It's the pride of the giving Mickey a makeover in our salons watching him strut his stuff on the way out.

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Paws off, ladies, he's taken! It's the joy of reuniting Frankie with her family after a fun stay in our Pets Hotel.

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It's the celebration of Bella's birthday, Gizmo's graduation from puppy classes or Ace's adoption. It's the homme a tout faire cherche emploi things we do that add up to really big things that pets need.

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Working at PetSmart is not a job, it's a community of those who work together for the love of pets. We look forward to seeing your application to join our Department Management team!

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It is not intended to include all duties and responsibilities. You will be provided a copy of a job description for the actual position you are hired in to.

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PetSmart is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified flirter avec sa copine will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, as well as any other characteristic protected by federal, provincial or local law.

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