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Rencontres de blois on particle physics and cosmology


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    Les réponses devront ensuite présenter succinctement la ou les actions nécessitant un soutien financier ainsi que les sommes demandées en Les crédits attribués devront être impérativement dépensés avant le 31 décembre Les demandes de matériel ne seront pas financées. Tous les détails sont disponibles à cette URL.

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    Transmis par Jérôme Pety 2. This meeting is open to everyone and contributions are of course welcome.

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    Details are available on the GDRE web page. Transmis par Stéphane Basa 3.

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    Colloque International "Particle physics and cosmology", May 27 - June 1,Château Royal de Blois, Blois, France Particle Physics and Cosmology will emphasize the increasing interplay between high energy accelerator based physics and cosmology.

    The conference will consist of plenary sessions for invited in rencontres de blois on particle physics and cosmology oral presentations review talks and talks on specific specialised topicsand contributed papers, in the form of relatively short oral papers or posters. We will aim to achieve a balance between review talks, provocative talks given by recognized specialists, and shorter contributions, special emphasis being placed on active participation by younger researchers and post-docs.

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    Parallel sessions are foreseen, and are being organised as the need arises. This will be the 24th meeting in this series of annual international multidisciplinary meetings, created in by Jean Tran Thân Van and which has in the past covered many topics in physics, astronomy and biology. All sessions take place in the Château of Blois, a beautiful renaissance castle which has housed many French kings, and notably François 1st.

    Meals are served in the castle to all participants, in order to encourage interaction between scientists at all levels. Participation is limited to about persons.

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