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Rencontres préhistoriques de bretagne 2020, La Région visite le site des Menhirs de Monteneuf

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This imposing monument of over years of age, is visited the same way you read an history book. Discovering the Cairn of Petit Mont, is understanding our history since the first time of our world. Indeed, it has been used by the men of the Neolithic age, then during the Gallo-roman area, and finally, during the second world rencontres préhistoriques de bretagne 2020, as a strategic location by the Rencontres préhistoriques de bretagne 2020 army who built a bunker in Guided visits and workshops are programmed all year long depending on the open hours of the site in order to make you discover the prehistory, and this exceptional place in a playful and educational way.

Contact : accueil cairndepetitmont.

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Your guide is also a mediator of cultural heritage who will be pleased to answer to all of your questions. In order to be certain to get a ticket, please do book your visit in advance! The unaccompanied visit allows you to discover the site independently taking all the time that you want and need. At the beginning of the tour, you can choose between two forms of presentation.


A paper booklet or, a digital tablet. An ID will be ask as a deposit for the landing of the tablet. You will have to answer to riddles, quiz, about the prehistoric area and the Cairn of Petit Mont.

  • Rencontres Préhistoriques De Bretagne
  • Elles animent plusieurs sites dans les quatre départements : on y découvre la vie quotidienne de nos ancêtres.

Workshops are also available. They are a good way to really understand how our ancestors used to live.

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For family and kids… The cairn of Petit Mont offers many activities such as workshops, and animations in order to discover the Prehistory area with different eyes. During the Bank holidays, every Wednesdays and Sundays, you can participate at our different workshops, and learn about the prehistoric era while making several types of potteries, such as bowls, whistles and ornaments, creations that you will be bringing back home!

Le monde végétal et animal de la préhistoire recrées

Pottery workshop What were the daily objects used during the Neolithic area? Through this workshop, you will better understand the daily life of our remote ancestors by discovering the techniques of pottery making. Minimum age: 6 years old.

Les changements alimentaires liés à la domestication animale au Néolithique

Music When was the music invented? This workshop aims to make you learn about the very first music instruments used by the first men during the prehistoric area. You will be creating your own whistle using some clay, based on models of globular whistles found in Malta from the Neolithic age.

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Ornaments How the men and women of the Neolithic age were dressed? Did they wear jewelleries?

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This workshop gives you the opportunity to make an ornament, such as the one worn by our ancestors during all the prehistoric age. You will be discovering all the techniques in order to make a necklace, using some stones and shells.

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Moreover, you will learn how to make some string out of vegetal fibres. You will be able to touch and see facsimile archaeological tools found on sites such as: polished axes, ceremonial axes, adzes, hammers, as well as typical objects from the Neolithic such as ceramics.

Workshop excavation Petit Mont has an exceptional richness of history.


In order to well understand the different aspects, this workshop invites the participants to discover this incredible story. A trey is dedicated to the prehistoric age, and an other one to the Antique age.

By excavating, according to the techniques and using the materials of a real archaeologist. You will learn more about this fascinating profession. It is best to book your activity well in advanced.

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With your family, you can discover the site all together by answering some questions and riddles. These visits are also possible every day during the bank holidays.

Every Month: A special event! Prehistoric meeting, outdoors workshops, tales, heritage European days, National day of archaeology. Every month, an event where children and adult will spend some good time.

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August 11th Prehistoric day One day to discover archaeology, and especially the lifestyles of the Neolithic populations. Fun workshops: from dolmen model workshops to engraving workshops, there is something for all Every Thursday July 15th, 22th and August 5th, 12th : evening tales at Cairn de Petit Mont, from to pm.

Rencontres Préhistoriques De Bretagne Semaine chaque s'inscrivent qui membres de milliers des Avec rapide! Semaine chaque s'inscrivent qui membres de milliers des Avec rapide!

Enjoy the rencontre fille seraing evenings to discover the outdoor environment of the cairn of Petit Mont by letting yourself be carried by the tales of Paul Maisonneuve. Stories that make you laugh, stories that make you think, stories that tell the megaliths.

Ouvert tous les jours. Trésor de l'architecture religieuse du Finistère, la chapelle de St Herbot est majestueuse dans son écrin de verdure. Il a ainsi rencontré des sabotiers encore en activité, mais aussi retraités, pour pouvoir au mieux utiliser les machines, et ainsi faire des démonstrations.

Moments of magic and fairy tales. What did they eat? Did they play music?

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Discover and understand the time of origin by making and having fun. Workshops pottery, jewellery, music… are organized on the port of the Crouesty, just next to the merry-go-round.

La Région visite le site des Menhirs de Monteneuf

From the age of five. GPS coordinates: Latitude: Visitors with reduced mobility or with strollers have the possibility, once you have parked your car, to take the road reserved for services vehicles. Visitors with great difficulties to access the site, may contact the front desk at this following number.